Welcome to Sea Bright!

Welcome to Sea Bright!
Council & Committees
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» Public Safety, Finance, Insurance, Grants
» Administration, Flood Mitigation
» Court, Code Enforcement, Shared Services, Inter-Governmental Relations
» Public Works, Beautification
» Library, Recreation, Public Relations, Capital Plan
» Mayor's Blue Ribbon Committee: Sea Bright Educational Issues
» Mayor's Blue Ribbon Committee: Beach Re-nourishment
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Definition of Sea Bright Committees

The governing body shall accomplish the work of the government through three specific categories of committees.
  • Standing Council committees. Six committees, as presented by the Council President and confirmed by Council on each reorganization day, shall oversee policy and procedure in all major departments of the municipality. Each Council member will serve on three committees, holding the position of Chair for one committee, the position of second to Chair on another, and the position of third to Chair on the third committee. In addition to other responsibilities set forth in this chapter and to working with appropriate municipal department heads and employees, committee Chairpersons will fulfill duties as prescribed in the Borough financial policies and procedures, will adhere to Borough ordinances and law, will hold regular committee meetings to ensure effective Council communication and officially will report at the second regular monthly meeting of Council on recent committee activities.

  • Mayor’s blue ribbon committees. The Mayor, with confirmation of Council, may appoint as many as three “blue ribbon” committees annually to serve for a period, to be designated at the time the committee is created, of not less than two months and not more than nine months, to focus special attention to specific issues not otherwise included among standing Council committee responsibilities. Such committees will consist of three governing body members, including a Chairperson. Official reports of the blue ribbon committees will be made by the Chairperson on an as-needed basis and will appear as regular agenda items for discussion and action.

  • Community advisory committees. The governing body may appoint community advisory committees to assist in those aspects of government that require community involvement. Such committees will consist of not more than nine members and one Council liaison. If a particular community committee falls under the auspices of a standing Council committee, that Council Chairperson will serve as liaison. Otherwise, the governing body will appoint a Council liaison. Members of community advisory committees shall consist of Borough of Sea Bright employees, as well as Sea Bright residents, property owners, or business owners and/or business managers in Sea Bright. Each committee will elect its Chairperson. The Council liaison will provide official reports of committee activity to Council as specific agenda items and on an as-needed basis and will oversee committee compliance with the legal and financial aspects of the municipal government.