Welcome to Sea Bright!

Welcome to Sea Bright!
Borough Directory
Borough Directory
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Fire Department
Health Commission #1
Municipal Clerk
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Unified Planning Board
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Borough Directory

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Name Position Phone Email
Ammaturo, James Plumbing Sub-Code Official Ext. 110  
Anfuso, Timothy Tax Assessor Ext. 115 tanfuso@seabrightnj.org
Bahrle, David Public Works Director Ext. 142 dbahrle@seabrightnj.org
DiBerardino, Karen Construction Secretary
Technical Assistant
Ext. 110 kdiberardino@seabrightnj.org
Everard, Jay Electric Sub-Code Official Ext. 110 jeverard@seabrightnj.org
Farmer, Jane Library Director 732-383-8092 jfarmer@seabrightnj.org
Friedman, Brett M. Police Chief 732-842-0010 bfriedman@seabrightnj.org
Graham, Michelle

Deputy Clerk

Deputy Registrar

Ext. 119 mgraham@seabrightnj.org  
Haege, Thomas Code Enforcement Officer
C.O. Inspector
Ext. 120 thaege@seabrightnj.org                                               
Haege, Thomas Fire Marshal
Fire Sub-Code Offical
Ext. 130 thaege@seabrightnj.org                                               
Jacobs, Khristi Finance Manager
Accounts Payable
Ext. 114 kjacobs@seabrightnj.org

Klein, Don

Beach Manager
Recreation Director

Beach Office: (Memorial Day Weekend thru Labor Day)



Lawrence, Frank Administrative Assistant- Special Projects Ext. 137 flawrence@seabrightnj.org
LoSacco, Jeffrey Building Inspector Ext. 110  

Mitchell, Candace B.

Planning Bd. Secretary Registrar
Special Events Secretary

Ext. 123     


Murphy, Charles R., Jr. Fire Chief   firechief@seabrightnj.org
O'Neil, Nancy Construction Technical Assistant Ext. 125 noneil@seabrightnj.org
Pfeiffer, Christine Municipal Clerk Ext. 118 cpfeiffer@seabrightnj.org
Smith, Carol Municipal Court Administrator 732-222-6517   or 732-222-8222  
Smith, Robert J. III Public Works
Deputy Director
Ext. 136 rsmith@seabrightnj.org
Spahr, Patricia Tax Collector,
Sewer Utility Collector
Health Commission Bd. Sec
Ext. 111 pspahr@seabrightnj.org
Tangolics, Mary

Zoning Officer
Flood Plain Manager

Ext. 128 mtangolics@seabrightnj.org
Toth, Anthony First Aid Chief   atoth@seabrightnj.org
Verruni, Joseph L. Borough Administrator  Ext. 113 jverruni@seabrightnj.org
Wheeler, Edward Construction Official,
Building Sub-Code Official
Ext. 121  

Borough Council

Members of the Borough Council may be contacted at Borough Hall by utilizing the website  Contact Form .

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Council Member Title/Committees Phone and Email Address
Erwin Bieber Committee Chair:
Administration, Shared Services
973- 464-0773
Booker, Sr., Jefferey M. Committee Chair:
Finance, Insurance, Grants

732-842-0099, Ext.158 jbooker@seabrightnj.org

Catalano, Samuel A.

Committee Chair:
Beach, Capital Plan, Flood Mitigation


Gorman, Heather Committee Chair:
Library, Recreation, Public Relations
Keeler, William J.
Preseident of Council
Committee Chair:
Court, Public Safety

Kelly, Brian P. 

Emergency Management Coordinator


Lamia, Jr., John M. Committee Chair:
Public Works, Building Dept., Beautification