Welcome to Sea Bright!

Welcome to Sea Bright!
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Rachel Giolitto
Borough Administrator
(732) 842-0099 Ext. 113
Christine Pfeiffer, RMC
Municipal Clerk
(732) 842-0099 Ext. 118
Michelle Graham, RMC, CMR
Deputy Clerk
Deputy Registrar
(732) 842-0099 Ext. 119
Jesse Faasen
Finance Manager
Accounts Payable
732-842-0099, Ext. 114
Candace Mitchell, CMR
Unified Planning-Zoning Board Secretary
Administrative Assistant to Clerk's Office
(732) 842-0099 Ext. 123
The role of the Borough Administrator is to oversee the day-to-day operations of all the Municipal departments that provide essential services and support to the residents of the Borough. The administrator also acts as the Borough’s liaison with Federal, State and County agencies on various matters.

The Borough Administrator is also charged with core fiscal responsibilities, including preparation of the annual budget, negotiating contracts, submission of grant applications, and long-term financial planning. The administrator is responsible for managing the Borough’s human resource requirements, and may recommend personnel policies as necessary.

Also included in the Administration Dept. is the office of the Purchasing Assistant who processes all purchase orders and requests for payment from the Borough. The Purchasing Assistant is also responsible for the procurement and maintenance of office equipment and supplies as requested by Borough employees.