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Welcome to Sea Bright!
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Junior Lifeguard Program


2024 Sessions of Junior Guards will be $ (to include the price of a rashguard.) Please refrain from registering for multiple sessions to insure that all intrested families may join!

Registration for the 2024 sessions of Sea Bright Junior Guards is done completely through this website.



Please note: Registration for Nippers will NOT take place at this time.

Does your child love the ocean? Are you looking for a engaging, educational, and--most importantly--fun way for your child to learn about water safety? See if they have what it takes to be a Sea Bright Junior Guard! Since 2004 the Sea Bright Junior Lifeguard Program has provided a safe and fun way for hundreds of children from all backgrounds to come together and learn about beach and ocean safety. Our Junior Lifeguard program combines elements of open water lifesaving, basic First Aid, CPR and more to provide your child with a holistic Ocean Rescue experience. Junior Guards will walk away with increased confidence in the ocean, valuable life skills and lifelong friends! Ultimately, qualified and physically fit SBOR Junior Lifeguards may even have the opportunity to become lifeguards at Sea Bright upon reaching their 16 th birthday. We can guarantee that our program will foster a life-long love and respect of the ocean in all who participate!

Sea Bright Junior Guards 2024 Session Dates TBD:

Junior Guards Session Number Schedule (Monday - Friday 9-12)
Session #1   Monday, - Friday,
Session #2  Monday, - Friday,
Session #3   Monday,  - Friday,
Session #4 Monday,  - Friday,


  • How old does my child have to be to participate?

    • Participants for Sea Bright Junior Guards must be at least 7-years-old, and up to 16-years-old. We separate Junior Guards into 3 groups, according to age and ability. Our older JGs are excellent role models for our new members!
  • How much does the Junior Lifeguard program cost?
    • Sessions are $. Payment will be made during registration via the Borough website (see above.) The price includes a 2024 SBJG rashguard.
  • How long is each session? What is the schedule like?
    We hold four one-week-long sessions through the end of July (see dates above).
            Junior Guards will complete a variety of activities both in the water 
            and on land from 9 to 12 Monday through Friday. The schedule remains the       
           same from session to session, all ending with a tournament-style “showcase”.
  • Is there a swim test?
    Yes. We require all Junior Guard participants to be able to swim 5 minutes, unassisted in     the ocean with moderate conditions. Please, keep in mind that the Junior Lifeguard program is not a swim lesson program. Your child must already be a strong swimmer to participate in our programs. Children that do not pass our swim test on day one will not be able to participate in Junior Guards.
  • Is there a uniform?
    • Yes! We require all Junior guards to wear a red SBJG rash guard. This is mandatory and for the safety of all our participants. The price of registration includes a rashguard.
  • I have another question that isn’t listed here! What can I do?
    • Contact the Junior Lifeguard Coordinator, Bella Bulhoes! You can reach her by email ( juniorguards@seabrightnj.org ) or by calling the beach office (732) 351-4700.)