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Junior Lifeguard Program

You must complete both steps to register for this program.  

  1. Complete the Registration and Waiver Form and return to Boro Hall or email: 
    ***Waiver Form must be submitted in order to participate.***
    Registration Form and Release of Liability Waiver (pdf)
  2. Register and Pay for Junior Lifeguard Program.(click here).  

Both steps must be completed, or your registration is not complete. 

Since 2004 the Sea Bright Junior Lifeguard Program has provided a safe and fun way for children of all backgrounds to come together and learn about beach and ocean safety.  Last year we had over 120 local children participate in our Junior Lifeguard Program.  Our Junior Lifeguard Program provides the opportunity for children to learn respect of the ocean and personal safety as they are given the tools to improve upon their swimming abilities and develop high confidence levels in the surf and open water.  We teach our Junior Guards how to swim, paddle and move through the water just like an ocean lifeguard.  In addition our Junior Guards learn lifesaving skills such as CPR, AED operation and First Aid.  Ultimately, qualified and physically fit SBOR Junior lifeguards have the priority to become full time paid summer lifeguards with Sea Bright when they reach their 16 th birthday.  


Junior Lifeguard           Sessions
Minimum age is 7 years old.

    Dates/Times TBD

2020 JG Session #1

TBD (M-F, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm)

2020 JG Session #2

TBD (M-F, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm)

FEE: $ for one sesion
         $ for both sessions

“Nipper” Program

Think of the Sea Bright Ocean Rescue “Nippers” as Advanced Junior Lifeguards. Taking elements from Southern California Lifeguard Services our JG program allows qualified junior guards to work side by side with real ocean lifeguards.  The word “Nipper” and the idea of lifeguards mentoring local children was born from New Zealand and Australian Surf Lifesaving Clubs. The US Nipper program was originally developed by Gary Wise (Florida SER USLA) who is a world recognized Aussie and USA lifesaving specialist.  Sea Bright has adopted a proven process of training and screening for our Nipper Junior Guards, who in the end meet the same standards as any standard USLA open water lifeguard.  Each Nipper will be mentored by on duty lifeguard personnel as they move through several qualification stages over a two week period.  Nipper hopefuls must complete one regular JG session and then screen “try out” for a spot in the Nipper program.  This program is open only to Junior Guards who are 12 years and older and it is only meant for the top performing Junior Lifeguards. The Nipper program is not open to B or C age groups or new enrollees that have not completed at least one USLA agency JG session in the last 365 days.   Participants of the Nipper Program will be given the opportunity to earn community service hours, if needed, which can be used to fulfill any school/club requirements. The “Nipper” program is a farm program for ocean rescue and the training qualifies the Nipper for employment when they reach 16 years old.

2020 JG  Session #3  “Nipper”  Program

Minimum age is 12 years old.

(must have successfully completed Session 1 or 2)

  TBD (M-F, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm)

FEE: $

  ***** There will be no refunds provided once a Junior Guard is registered. ******