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Streetscape Project

Sea Bright Streetscape Project Approved

The NJ Department of Transportation issued a permit for the project on October 12 th , and a pre-construction meeting was held with the contractor, LandTek Construction , on the same day.

The Borough is committed to expediting this project to ensure that the work is completed prior to the summer of 2017.  We are also sensitive to minimizing the impact on all affected businesses and residents. We will be providing regular updates so that everyone is fully informed of the plans as we move forward.

 A preliminary schedule was developed that starts construction in mid November, with project completion in April, 2017. Construction will take place throughout the winter, weather permitting. The hard-scape elements would be completed by early February, and landscaping will commence as soon as weather permits in the spring, and will take about 2 weeks.

The contractor plans to start at the northern end of Ocean Ave, at the bridge, doing the entire west side of Ocean Ave. first. They will then move on to the east side of the street from Center St. and work northbound.

They plan to do the project on a block by block basis, completing all elements within a block before they move on to the next block (with the exception of landscaping which will all be done in the spring). Work will take place between the hours of 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM Mon-Fri & 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM on Sat. in compliance with existing Borough Code. Saturdays would only be used if there are lost days to weather or other delays, so they can maintain the schedule.

Access to businesses will be maintained throughout the project. Sidewalk & curbing demo and replacement will take place in a manner that will minimize the disruption to businesses. The schedule will be updated on a week by week basis and will be communicated to all affected parties.

The DoT will be repaving Ocean Ave after the Streetscape is completed, although they do not have a firm date established at this point.

This project, fully funded under a State grant, is an important element in the Borough’s long-term recovery plan. We are very excited to finally get approval to initiate the project and look forward to having it completed before next summer. Inevitably there will be issues that arise in the course of the construction and we sincerely want to mitigate any problems for our businesses, residents and visitors. We are committed to providing as much information to you in a timely manner as is possible.

If you have any questions, please contact Joe Verruni or Frank Lawrence at 732-842-0099.

Updated 10/28/16


Streetscape Project to Commence

The contractor will commence work on Monday, November 14th. Ocean Ave will have restricted parking during that week while survey and saw cutting are performed over the entire length of the project. Lane shifts will also occur for part of each day. These actions are necessary to provide for the safety of workers, pedestrians and vehicles.

Once this preliminary work is completed normal parking will be restored, with restrictions on a block by block basis as the project moves along through the business district.

While we are working to minimize the impact on our businesses, residents and visitors, there will be some inevitable disruption during the construction and we hope you will be patient and understanding as we work to complete this important project.